Glorious Grains!

A writer I know published an article titled, “Glorious Grains” in the Early Spring edition of Lehigh Valley Marketplace. Included in this article are descriptions of several grains, including our gluten-free friends buckwheat, millet and quinoa. Check it out at Once there, go to “Early Spring 2011,” then “Archives, ” then “Features” and scroll down to “Glorious Grains.”

Happy Memorial Day!


Chip Alternative!

Tired of the same old chips? For your next barbeque, picnic or girls’ night in, try “riceworks”® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps. According to the package, these chips are made from “natural whole grain brown rice with no preservatives, artificial flavors, wheat or glutens” and are “vegan and celiac friendly.” I’ve tried the Sea Salt variety and they are delicious; it’s truly difficult to put the bag down! Try them with your favorite dip or spread. I’m thinking hummus  might be a great choice!

"riceworks" Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps--Sea Salt

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Only three days left in Celiac Disease Awareness Month! If you suspect you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, talk to your doctor about the right course of action for you based on your symptoms. If you find out that you do have celiac disease or an issue with gluten, fear not as there are many great gluten-free foods out there! Follow this blog for helpful information.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!




Now, that’s Italian!

If you’re Italian, the concept of one of your relatives cooking in a kitchen housed in the basement is probably not lost on you. My great-aunt’s family room and kitchen were located on the lower level of her two-family home so I spent a lot of time hanging out there as a kid. She made homemade pizza that we would liken to traditional Sicilian pizza today. I hadn’t tasted anything like it–especially a gluten-free version–until I tried Joan’s Sicilian Pizza from Joan’s Gluten-Free Great Bakes. This Bellmore, New York-based company offers a plethora of yummy, gluten-free options for the Italian in all of us: Pre-made pizza and crusts, bagels, Italian bread, etc. Check them out at

Joan's Great Bakes Gluten-Free Sicilian Pizza

Afterschool Snack

Growing up, cookies and milk were staples in our household, especially as an afterschool snack. Of course, this was long before I knew that I was lactose intolerant and had any sensitivity to gluten. No matter today as Glenny’s (, who touts itself as offering “America’s First Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies,” is here. Their moist, chewy Gluten Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are also dairy-free and taste homemade. Make sure you have a tall glass of milk (lactose-free or other!) ready to wash them down.  Enjoy!