Perfect Pancakes!

Made with King Arthur Flour Company Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

Good Morning!

If you thought the days of enjoying great-tasting pancakes were over, take heart! The King Arthur Flour Company’s Gluten-Free Pancake Mix is the answer to your (breakfast) prayers! By using this simple mix, you can enjoy the taste of delicious, fluffy pancakes while sticking to your gluten-free diet. Even non-celiacs are sure to love them. Enjoy them with some powdered sugar and your favorite gluten-free pancake syrup.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Pancakes!

  1. Desiree says:

    These sound yummy! We are in search of a good pancake recipe for my husband who is currently experimenting with a gluten-free diet as a way to alleviate gastric reflux. We love our pancake breakfast on Sundays! Thanks for creating this great resource. I will also pass it on to the families in my mommy & me programs who are using gluten/casein free diets to try to help their children with autism.

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