For the Seafood Lover


For those following a gluten-free diet who also happen to love fried foods, one of the most frustrating things is that so many of these foods are coated or filled, with  breadcrumbs. I haven’t found gluten-free meatballs yet (though you’d think they’d accompany the gluten-free pasta that’s out there in certain restaurants!) but I did find some great crab cakes that you can easily heat up at home.

Blue Horizon Wild ( makes gluten-free  “Maryland Style Crab Cakes.” They come frozen, two per box and I found them at Wegmans ( The box claims they are a “good alternative” for “sustainability” and contain Omega-3s. While the sodium count is high (510mg per cake), the flavor is great. If you’re concerned about too much sodium (and who isn’t these days) perhaps try one cake as part of a well-balanced meal that includes a salad and vegetables.


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