Gluten-Free Vodka seen in THE GOOD LIFE central new york MAGAZINE

For those of you in the CNY area–or those planning to visit–check out page 54 of the November/December issue of
THE GOOD LIFE central new york MAGAZINE. You’ll find a blurb in their Holiday section about Beak & Skiff Farm Distillery’s premium small-batch apple vodka. As you’ll see from the photo, there is a sticker on the bottle that classifies it as “Gluten Free!” I had the pleasure of visiting Beak & Skiff last fall and found it to be quite the local treasure. I would highly recommend a visit. Makes for a nice family outing when the apples are ready for picking. I would also recommend picking up a copy of THE GOOD LIFE; it is an intelligent, beautifully crafted publication that highlights the best of CNY.

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